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When you buy travel insurance coverage is another important consideration to keep in mind, just like what coverage you choose. Of course, you can buy travel insurance right up to the day before departure.

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What kind of family vacation are you?

All family vacations are as unique as the families who take them. Many families make certain kinds of vacations “their thing,” and that’s what they stick with until their kids are grown. We found 5 common types of vacation families. Is yours 1 of them?


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The next time Dennis Rodman flies to the Communist country to hang with Kim Jong Un, here are some people who should join him on that flight.

Dennis Rodman: The poster child for mental midgets.

Justin BieberBieber and all of his clueless “Beliebers.” How do these people even figure out how to breathe?

Taylor Swift: Her new song is titled, “Calling it quits from reality.” She then can dance her heart away to the new hit that will dilute the minds of young girls in not just North Korea but all over the world.

Kanye West: No explanation needed for this one.

Chris BrownWhile we’re at it, all of Team Breezy can join him. At least we could cut back on the people who want to defecate on other people’s faces.

Lady GagaNorth Korea would never know what to expect from Gaga. She might show up in a meat dress or something straight from a Tim Burton movie. 

Sarah Palin

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Dave Barud lived in Antarctica for 4 years. In this interview, he tells his story and shares his insights.

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